High-quality dust-free clothing

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The fabric is made of polyester filament fiber and imported conductive wire, which can effectively isolate the static electricity generated by human body and has long-term anti-static performance.

Product certificationFDACE

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● Dust-proof and antistatic
● High temperature sterilization


● Electron
● Pharmacy
● Food
● Biological engineering
● Optics
● Aviation






Sheet resistance


S - 4XL


Polyester、 conductive fiber

106 ~ 109 Ω

Management of cleaning

Under normal circumstances, dust-free clothing is washed at least once a week, and some demanding jobs are even washed once a day. Dust-free clothing must be cleaned in a clean room to avoid dirt and bacteria and contamination by washing agents. The cleaning of dust-free clothes is generally carried out by professional cleaning companies. The matters that should be paid attention to in the clean room cleaning process are as follows:

1. Before washing, clean clothes should be checked for abrasion, damage and buckle and other accessories, and the defective ones should be repaired, replaced or scrapped.

2. Clean, dry and pack dust-free clothes in a clean room with a higher degree of cleanliness than the clean room with work clothes.

3. The newly sewn dust-free clothing can be directly washed, and if the oil is found in the recycled dust-free clothing, the oil should be carefully removed and then the washing process should be carried out.

4. The water used for wet and dry cleaning should be filtered, and the solvent should also be distilled and filtered at the point of use with a filter membrane with a pore size of less than 0.2μm, according to the need for more than one filtration.

5. In order to remove water-soluble pollutants, after washing with water, a final wash is carried out with distilled solvent to remove oily pollutants.

6. The temperature of wet washing water is as follows: polyester cloth 60-70C (maximum 70C) nylon cloth 50-55C (maximum 60C)

7. In the final rinse, antistatic agents can be used to improve the antistatic properties, but the antistatic agents selected should be well combined with the fiber and no dust falling off.

8. Dry in a special clean air circulation system for washing. After drying, it is folded in a clean room for washing and put in a clean polyester bag or nylon bag. According to the requirements, it can be double-packed or vacuum sealed. It is best to use materials with good antistatic properties. Because the folding process is most prone to dust, the folding process must be carried out in a high purification space, such as the folding and packaging of 100 grade clean work clothes should be carried out in a 10 grade environment.

The cleaning of dust-free clothing should be carried out according to the above methods to ensure the use effect and life of dust-free clothing.


Anti-static Clearoom Clothing


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