Dust floor mat effective adhesion to remove dust from soles and wheels

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The sticky dust mat, also known as sticky dust floor glue, originated in South Korea. It is mainly suitable to be attached to the entrance and buffer zone of clean space, which can effectively remove the dust on the soles and wheels, minimize the impact of dust on the quality of clean environment, thus achieving the effect of simple dust removal, and solving the problem that dust cannot be prevented from expanding due to incomplete dust removal on other mats.

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● Effectively remove dust from soles and wheels.
● Quickly and effectively eliminate static electricity in a general range.
● Keep the environment clean and easy to use.
● Lightweight and easy to carry.
●Reduce the influence of dust on the quality of purification ring


● Sticking it to the entrance or buffer zone of the space that needs dust prevention and purification can effectively remove the dust on the sole wheels and reduce the impact of dust on the quality of the purified environment.
● Semiconductor industry
● Hospitals and operating rooms
● Pharmaceutical and bioengineering industries
● Medical equipment industry
● Photographic equipment industry

Instructions for use

First, remove the protective layer of the rubber surface from the opening on the back, then paste it flat on the clean and water-free floor, press the sticky dust pad to the ground with the sole, and then remove the protective layer from the opening on the front, so that it can be used (if the surface of the film is covered with dust during use, remove the layer from the opening. So you can use the next clean layer of film.) As you can see, the first and third steps are transparent, and this is what we call the protective layer. The protective layer is used to protect the dust mat before use clean. In addition to the protective layers, each layer is labeled 1,2,3,4.... in order at the corners 30, convenient for customers in this layer sticky dust, replace to a new layer.





Dust adhesion ability:


temperature toleration




99.9% (5 steps)

High viscosity

60 degrees


Dust Floor Mat (2)
Dust Floor Mat (1)


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