FFP2、FFP3 (CEEN149:2001)

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FFP2 masks refer to masks that meet the European (CEEN 149: 2001) standards. The European standards for protective masks are divided into three levels: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3


Certification :CE  FDA  EN149:2001+A1:2009

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● Larger coverage(wider extending width)
● Better fitting (longer and stronger nosepiece)
● Stronger ear loop (sustainable tension of single point with ear loop up to 20N)
● Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥95%(FFP2) / 99%(FFP3)


1、FFP2 masks are not washable. Because wetting will cause electrostatic discharge, the mask cannot absorb dust less than 5um in diameter.

2、High-temperature steam disinfection is similar to cleaning, and the steam can also cause static discharge and make the mask ineffective.

3、If you have a UV lamp at home, you can consider using the UV lamp to sterilize the mask surface to prevent accidental contact with the mask surface and pollution. High temperature is also sterilization, but masks are usually flammable materials, high temperature may cause masks to burn, resulting in safety risks, do not recommend oven and other facilities high temperature disinfection.

4、The outer layer of FFP2 masks often accumulates a lot of dirt and bacteria in the outside air, while the inner layer blocks exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the two sides should not be used alternately, otherwise the dirt on the outer layer will be inhaled into the human body when it is directly close to the face, and become a source of infection. When not wearing the mask, it should be folded into a clean envelope and folded inwards close to the nose and mouth. Do not slip it into your pocket or wear it around your neck.





Protective layer number













FFP2 (1)
FFP2 (2)
FFP2 (3)
FFP2 (4)
FFP2 (5)


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